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Suvarnabhumi Airport To
› Pattaya 1,100 Baht
› Pattaya  (Family car) 1,300 Baht
› Pattaya
(TOYOTA Fortuner)
1,500 Baht
› Pattaya
(TOYOTA Commuter)
2,000 Baht
› Bangkok to Pattaya  1,300 Baht
› Bangkok to Pattaya
(Family car)
1,500 Baht
› Don Muang to Pattaya 1,500 Baht
› Don Muang to Pattaya
(Family car)
1,600 Baht
Don Muang to Pattaya
(TOYOTA Fortuner)
1,700 Baht
› Hua-Hin 2,200 Baht
› Rayong Ban Phe 2,200 Baht
› Koh Chang 4,000 Baht
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